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Bithoven Guide

In this article, we will tell you a little bit about how to properly use the educational portal Bithoven.

As you probably already know, we have both public access to the educational portal and a closed one for NFT-keys holders. First, we will tell you about the open way to gain practical knowledge about blockchain from the Bithoven team.

Public access

So, you've entered the Bithoven portal, you thirst for new knowledge and want to learn about the digital industry, maybe you want to become an expert or build your own projects. Congratulations, you've come to the right place! On our portal, you can find all the information about blockchain:

  • Basic knowledge for beginners.
  • Investment advice for advanced users.
  • Applied information about new digital solutions for professionals.

And every day, we work in the "digital field" to deliver new, interesting, and high-quality articles for you to study and apply later on.

Add our portal to your bookmarks in your browser, and even better, if you have Safari browser, click on "Share" -> "Add to Home Screen" and the portal icon will appear right on your phone screen!
It is very convenient and effective to spend 20 minutes a day studying on our portal, reading new educational articles, and also studying the blockchain glossary right on your phone!

In 2023, we will create an application that will make studying Bithoven's educational materials even more convenient!

Private access

This access is only open to Bithoven BTH-keys holders. What does this mean? BTH-keys holders can authenticate their ownership rights through the Bithoven protocol.
BTH tokens are made using NFT technology and provide access to all the benefits of the platform:

  1. It opens up access to the user's personal platform account that you can customize and view your NFTs on Polygon.

  2. Access is provided to the "Learn-to-Earn" mechanism, through which you can save your progress in completing educational material in the form of rewards and achievements in your personal account. And later, user progress can be monetized after the project goes public and exchange earned points for learning tokens on the platform governance.

  3. A system of read articles is opened, where you can see which educational articles you have already read and which ones you still need to read. And our algorithms will select interesting and relevant material for you to study.

  4. Access to quizzes and tests is opened, which will allow you to reinforce your knowledge, as well as receive an achievement in the form of an NFT and experience for passing a particular topic!

  5. Access to the platform's launchpad is now open. Yes, you read that right! If you want to launch your own project or consider a promising investment opportunity, you also need to be our NFT holder!

  6. Access to Bithoven DAO is now available. Want to participate in the project's development and make decisions through fair, transparent, and decentralized voting? Then you'll need our BTH-keys!

  7. Do you want to become a member of a top community, participate in live meetings with like-minded people and cool enthusiasts, communicate in private channels? For effective networking in the Bithoven community, you also need BTH-keys!

And with the help of the XP.Network bridge, you can transfer our keys across 18 blockchains! Yes, NFT-keys are completely cross-chain!

How to become a BTH-key holder?

Our digital keys, which serve as access tokens to the platform, are strictly limited. The initial volume starts at 1000 NFTs. Currently, the keys can be obtained through a White List in a special bot.
To get on the White List, you need to take a few simple steps:
- Subscribe to the project's Telegram channel and discord.
- Share this link on your social networks.
- Share your phone number.
You don't have to worry about your phone, we strictly adhere to the privacy policy.

How do I increase my chances of getting a WL?

You need to be active, participate in contests, communicate in Discord, and help the project move forward.

BTH-keys are a combination of digital art and NFT technology, serving as a transfer of ownership and proof of consensus on "right of ownership". Bithoven's digital tokens are your key to a decentralized and fair future of blockchain.

You can familiarize yourself with the offer agreement here!

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