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The Learn-and-Earn Mechanics.

History of the idea

Our deep conviction is that knowledge should be absolutely free for people, especially in such a new technological industry. And we have embarked on implementing an educational portal with useful practical information about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. But how to solve the problem of motivating people to learn? According to statistics, according to research, the average completion rate of mass online courses is at the level of 15-20%. And then it hit us - "Learn-and-earn", a new gamified learning methodology.

In 2021, there was a trend for "Play-to-earn", in 2022 for "Move-to-earn", users earned tens of thousands of dollars per month at the peak of the popularity of such projects. And even now, such applications allow active users to earn decent money. And we are confident that the next turn is for "L2E" projects.

The need for quality knowledge is growing year by year, and Web 3 technologies are developing at a breakneck pace, constantly needing to update theory and provide good practical relevance. Blockchain projects are constantly "in the field" and understand how the market works from the inside. That is why "L2E" projects have a lot of unrealized potential.

What is the L2E economy like, and what does earning entail?

Authorized users, using BTH-keys, gain access to the Bithoven Personal Account, which is where users' progress in completing the platform's educational materials is saved in the form of accumulated rewards.

These rewards can later be exchanged for utility tokens of the platform. The reward system serves as an additional incentive for completing the training.

User progress and achievements are tied to the BTH-key, so by completing more educational materials, you improve the value of your access token. It is also important to understand that as the Token Generating Event (TGE) approaches, the value of your BTH-key increases.

Up to 7% of the total issuance of governance tokens, which amounts to 200,000,000 BTN, is allocated to the L2E platform mechanics.
The listing is planned for approximately 2024, during the Bitcoin halving event.

Thus, the platform motivates people to learn about Web 3, involving them in distributed ledger technologies from the very beginning of gamified learning. This allows users to gain fundamental knowledge in a gaming format, improve their BTH-key, and develop alongside the top blockchain community!

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